National Amateur Gardening Show 2008
Large Gold Medal
Best Garden in Show 2008
Winner of the Student Challenge

Despite the fact that it rained almost continuously both during the build up and the show itself, we still managed to produce an award winning garden.

Recycling and a love of the natural world inspired this design. The intention being to demonstrate that reclaimed materials and consideration for the environment can be incorporated into a chic modern garden without a huge outlay.

Much of the planting is good value for money as it will either clump up or produce seed, most is easily propagated or easy to grow. Some of the feature plants are a little more expensive but will give a long season of interest, some are even edible.

Reclaimed materials cut down on the energy and space needed for disposal and reduce the energy and impact on the earth of producing new products. The hard landscaping is permeable, relieving the problems of runoff and also allowing for the possibility of water capture. Once established the planting will survive with little extra water. Consideration has been given to wildlife both in the planting and the habitats.

The garden also has a visible dual personality with the colourful social area and the cooler slightly secluded and reflective hideaway.
The structure of the garden was inspired by this symbol