Cosy Compartment

Cosy Compartments

Lyddington, Rutland.
Garden Design 2009

Inspired by Monet, this is a plant lover’s garden and home to two delightfully loopy Labradors.
The brief was to produce a design that was quite traditional with a cosy cottage garden feel.  The design should provide areas for growing ornamental and edible plants, with suggestions for addressing the steep banks and steps.

Before work began on the garden it consisted of some very steep banks and steps and an expanse of lawn with some very pretty cottage planting around the edges.

The design broke the garden up into different compartments to add interest, create a journey and make it feel cosier.

The steep bank was terraced providing easier access to the upper levels of the garden whilst providing more interest and planting opportunities.

I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the beautiful Monet style planting in this garden, that is all down to my lovely client, Jane.

There are areas of tranquil colours and others which are wonderfully vibrant.  The Wisteria is just starting to mature and had flowered for the first time for my last visit.  There is still a large enough expanse of calming green lawn to offset all the planting and for the dogs to enjoy the garden.  The vegetable garden is always full of produce and young trees are just starting to make their mark.

I was delighted to find on my latest visit that Jane had taken my idea for a dustbin lid pond and created one of her own in a shady corner.

I have revisited the garden on several occasions, the most recent being three years after construction, and have always been welcomed with tea and cake!

I hope I will be invited to return in the future.



“Debbie listened to my ideas and thoughts and put them into a beautiful garden design which everyone greatly admires. She came up with three initial designs based on my criteria and it was a very hard decision which to choose as they were all fantastic. She continued to watch the project whilst being built, and has also been to see the finished article, both soon after completion and a year after. Debbie is an all round professional, and I have already recommended her to anyone who has expressed a wish for a professional garden designer.”

Jane Phillips

Garden Design 2009