Miniature Projects

Garden Pride – Miniature Garden

The Dolls’ House Magazine
Issue 52 October 2002

The above miniature garden was created before I ever studied Garden Design.

Sorry to cause confusion with the name as I have since married and yes, the picture on the cover really is me!

This is the first project I completed for the Dolls’ House Magazine, way back in my youth. I read an article in the magazine showing, I believe, a room box and asking ‘Could you do this?’ They were looking for project makers. My response was, ‘well of course I can’, and I’ve never looked back.

A Garden to sit and watch wildlife

I started out with the bird table and bench @ 1/12 scale and then had to build a patio for them to go on. Then I got a bit carried away and this was the result!

Turning trash into Treasure

My creations are made from recycled or repurposed materials. I was once likened to ‘Blue Peter’ but I would like to think that my models have a little more finesse than ‘Tracy Island’ or the advent ring!

Materials include: painted card for patio and bird table roof, twigs and stems for tree and bird table stand and dried tea leaves for soil.  All sorts of painted of paper, wood shavings, sawdust and dried plant material were utilised to make the numerous plants and flowers. Painted sawdust in two shades of green creates a stripy lawn!

The scene even included a planter (lid from a toothpase tube), a cardboard trug full of flowers, a pond with nail varnish water and a hanging basket on the wattle fence, full of trailing summer plants.

A couple of shots of the finished garden

There is a comment in the article, and I quote: “The curving brick path, hurdle fencing, rose arch and colourful border is worthy of a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show”.

Well in 2014 that comment became a reality but that’s for another time!

Thank you to the and the for allowing me to show their images.