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My name is Debbie Cooke and I’m a garden designer, adviser, gardener, lover of nature and all things beautiful…..

  • I love the beauty of nature.
  • I love recycling and the imagination and innovation of others when applied to recycling.
  • I love creativity.
  • I love making things.

And I’ve always had a passion for creating things. None of this is surprising, when you consider my ancestry is rooted in Fashion Design, Garden Design, Art and Horticulture.

I find the concept of recycling, creating something from rubbish, irresistible. At the age of 10, I recycled one of my Mums’ old skirts to make one for myself; I’ve made jackets out of jeans and cut down a horse blanket to fit a Shetland pony. I have also re-trimmed the interiors of a mini and a v-dub camper van and designed and made my own, medieval inspired, wedding dress.

In my spare time, Ha! I create accurate scale models, made from anything I have to hand. I started small but soon progressed to fully designed gardens, wedding scenes and interiors. I’ve contributed to many issues of The Doll’s House Magazine. See projects

I’ve always loved the big outdoors. When I was young I climbed trees with my brothers, sifted soil through a plastic colander to make mud pies and gardened with my dad. I didn’t take up gardening as a hobby until my early twenties and then not professionally until I had twenty years experience under my belt.

Initially I maintained gardens for friends, then word spread and I was asked to “Work my Magic!” for others. I gained a huge amount of horticultural knowledge whilst working for a large demonstration garden, open to the public.

When I became unable to garden full time, due to a hand injury, I followed the logical path and qualified as a Garden Designer in 2007.

Now I get to combine my love of art, design, and gardening!
See projects

I used my passion for recycling to design various environmentally friendly show gardens.
See awards

I also enjoy writing and was for a time a regular contributor to the No. 1 best selling grow your own magazine the Kitchen Garden Magazine, both in the magazine and on their blog.

For my latest ‘Garden Ramblings’ check out my blog

I hope you enjoy my website and that my passion and enthusiasm for gardens is apparent.  I have been described as somone who can inform, enthuse and inspire!

Why wait, get in touch today and learn to fall back in love with your garden.