Cosy Courtyard

Cosy Courtyard

Market Deeping, Lincolnshire.
Garden Design 2010

This design was commissioned by a wonderfully welcoming little family, after the completion of their new conservatory left them with a view of the garden shed.
The brief was to provide a quite traditional and informal cottage style garden with consideration for wildlife and provision for a growing flock of sheep.

The images show, how, on entering the garden, one was greeted by the shed and that the lovely new conservatory had taken up quite a large chunk of the garden. My clients were left with a small patch of lawn and a narrow border. The summer house had apparently seen better days and it was requested that this be replaced with an open structure.

The plan view shows how the shed was taken away from the entrance and discreetly screened to the rear of the garden. There are four separate seating areas in this small garden but each has its own space.

The work in progress images show the slabs and structures going in and the new shed at the rear of the garden. There were two inspection covers to work around. Both were disguised with gravel and one has a pot standing on it. The separate areas begin to be clearly seen including the new patio with its additional area for the chiminea.

I supplied the planting plans and plants and the new garden was planted up by my clients.
Planting varied from woodland style in the shady areas, to a more Mediterranean feeling in the sun, with the inclusion of herbs. Perennials and herbs can be seen near the back door, where the shed once was.
The old summer house was replaced with a new pergola now planted with fragrant climbers.
There is a seat in the shade with woodland planting and a small Sorbus vilmorinii (Rowan) that has pinkie white berries in autumn.
The client’s small flock of sheep now have permanent homes around the garden and on my last visit the flock had continued to grow.


Dear Debbie
We would like to say a huge than you for all the super work you have done to turn our patch of grass into a veritable cosy courtyard!
Right from the start we have appreciated your cheerful enthusiasm and commitment to the project and the friendly and helpful way in which you took on board our vague requirements and produced such well thought-out suggestions for both the general layout and the detailed planting. How you managed to use the little space to such good effect is superb.
We really are getting so much enjoyment out of the garden.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards
Sue & Alan Stocks
Garden Design 2010