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‘New Beginnings’

East of England Show 2008
Gold Medal
Student Garden Design Competition

This was the first garden I had ever built from scratch, the results were quite pleasing.

The title of ‘New Beginnings’ was set by the show organisers so all the students were working to this. It was very interesting to see the different interpretations.

My design is based on the idea of a new phase in a person’s life, maybe after a low period; it is intended to be an uplifting garden to raise the spirits.

It also represents some of the choices we might make at a time like this, whether we want to be sociable in the bright public area of the garden or private in the tranquil, slightly more secluded hideaway. The mirror provides visual interest and a feeling of space but it also represents reflecting on things and looking beyond our immediate surroundings.

The planting is primarily plants which have healing or uplifting qualities; these include fragrant herbs, roses and climbers.

Reclaimed materials have been used where possible to add another dimension to the ‘New Beginnings’ theme, the shape for the structure of the garden was inspired by this symbol