Dorothys Garden,

Dorothy’s Garden

Glinton, Peterborough
Garden Design 2010

I was commissioned to design this garden by a lovely couple. The brief was to turn their patch of lawn into something reminiscent of Mediterranean holidays. They are more than pleased with the result.

The plan shows the layout of Dorothy’s garden clearly. Many people have commented on how interesting it makes the garden, having more than one way of getting from one place to another. Children particularly love this kind of garden.

The images of the garden before the transformation into ‘Dorothy’s Garden’ show clearly the lawn and straight borders which are now a distant memory.

The hard landscaping was completed courtesy of  Hazelwood Landscapes.  Until the planting went in the cat is looking decidedly lonely!

I revisited the garden six months after being planted by my lovely client to the plans I supplied. The cat was looking a little cosier.

I think we achieved The Mediterranean feel and the sun even shone for the photos!

The garden is teeming with wildlife; there are insects on all the nectar rich flowers, birds on the feeders and even frogs living under the plants.



Dear Debbie,

I want to say thank you for sitting down and listening to my thoughts and ideas of what I wanted in a garden and then taking these thoughts away and designing the perfect garden for me.

Your design drawings and planting plan really captured my dream.

Last year the garden looked beautiful even though the plants were still establishing themselves. We have lots of birds and insects visiting all year round. It has been such a long winter this year but plants are growing, all the climbers have buds, they are waiting for some warmth and sunshine to arrive.

With best wishes