Tarragon Way

Tarragon Way

Garden Design 2007

The request from the owners of this new property, with what they described as “a really boring garden”, was for some inspiration that wasn’t too over the top, so they could enjoy their north facing garden more.

They wanted a contemporary design with the use of natural materials and a lush planting scheme making use of architectural forms.

Provision was made for a lawn area; patios in both sun and shade to seat 8 persons, areas for growing vegetables and ornamental plants.

The images show the garden in its, and I quote, “really boring state” and then through the build to the finished garden.

You will note, that even before completion, my clients couldn’t wait to use it.  Firstly the bistro table moved to the sunny patio this was then replaced by a new table and chairs.

They were so thrilled with their new garden that even before the planting went in, they held a party.  Darren and I were invited and we took an appropriate gift of ‘Tarragon’ for their new garden.

It was discovered that the resident hedgehog no longer had access, so the new gate had to have a hedgehog door cut in it.



Hi Debbie

From the time your small postcard that dropped through our door to meeting you and receiving the designs was an enjoyable journey for both of us. Being able to share the idea of the garden being an extension of our new home and spending time exploring what we liked and wanted was interesting. From our first meeting I felt confident in your interpretation of my ideas and I wasn’t disappointed. I was surprised with the 3 designs, each one very different and choosing just one was a challenge.  We chose to have the garden designed because we wanted to have a ‘little’ wow factor but also make the most use of our space. Without the design we would not have been so daring and I’m sure our garden would have been more conventional due to the clay soil and north facing garden.  

I love just popping outside and having a selection of fresh herbs, watching veggies growing and enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with friends and family. The garden is our additional room and we can be found out there all times of the year.

Thank you.

Ally and Keith

Garden Design 2007