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Want to know how to Keep ‘em Blooming?

June 6, 2018 12:33 pm 2 Comments

nt to keep your summer containers blooming for longer?

I was asked during a consultation recently, by a lovely lady whose daughter is getting married soon, how to keep her containers blooming prolifically for the wedding photos.

These simple steps should keep them blooming all summer long.

Can’t wait to see the photos!


I can’t stress enough how important this is, it doesn’t just keep plants looking tidy, it prolongs flowering.

A plants purpose is to reproduce by producing seed.  Once it has done this it has no need to continue to produce flowers.  Removing the flowers before they form seeds encourages the plant to produce more flowers. Ensure that you are removing the potential seed pod, not just the faded petals, particularly in the case of Petunias and Surfinias.

Deadhead a minimum of once a week, ideally every day or so.

This doesn’t just apply to summer bedding.  Look at shrubs and flowers in your borders and deadhead them when you can to keep them blooming too!

The more flowers your plants produce the more food you’ll be supplying for the Bees and Butterflies.Delecate_Pots_Debbie_Cooke_Creative_Garden_Design_Want_to_know_how_to_Keep_em_Blooming


When planting your summer pots check if the compost contains food and for how long it recommends this will last.  Slow release fertiliser can be added when planting up to prevent the need for regular feeding.

If no slow release fertiliser is added, feeding with a tomato feed every 10-14 days will keep most types of bedding going through the summer.



Plants will quickly run to seed if they are short of water.  This is a natural thing for them to do as they need to reproduce before they die.  Keep compost moist but not soaking.  Adding water retaining gel to the compost when planting can help.  When planting up hanging baskets choose a water retentive liner or in the case of pots try placing a saucer underneath.

Water in the cool of the morning or evenings as this is the most efficient time.  The plant has a chance to absorb the water before it evaporates.

Check containers regularly to ensure they don’t dry out. We’re bound to have the occasional downpour but even persistent rain may not reach containers in the shelter of the house and you may find that it cannot penetrate densely packed planting.


So here’s to a blooming marvellous summer and lots of floral wedding photos!





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