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“Why we need Green”

May 27, 2018 4:31 pm Leave your thoughts

So why do we need green?


For centuries we have been creating gardens but we seem to have forgotten the benefits.  It’s only in recent years that we seem to have come back to the realisation that gardens are important to the way we feel.  They are not just the bit of land outside our house.

Today our needs are not so different from those of our ancestors.  It all boils down to the fundamentals of human nature.  They built gardens for security, sanctuary, shade, water, fragrance and food.

Why do we need these things?


Today in the UK, we have few threats from marauders and wild animals so what are our “Modern Day Bears”?

Why do we fence ourselves in?

Admittedly it does depend where you live.  Deer and rabbits do wreak havoc in some parts of the country.

Keeping the children and dogs safe may be your priority.

For security from intruders and for privacy, a substantial, prickly hedge is as good a solution as a fence.

How_Hedgehog_Proof_is_your_Garden_Door_Debbie_Cooke_Blog copy

If a fence is the only option please consider the wildlife.  A gap under the gate or a 13cm, (5”) in old money ;o) square hole cut in the fence will give a Hedgehog the chance to roam.

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This is our own little oasis, our safe refuge or green space away from the world.  Our own little bit of paradise over which we have some control. Our gardens are places of tranquility where we can reconnect with the nature that we have tried to shut out.  The natural environment is our natural environment.

We have not evolved so much, that we no longer crave green spaces.



Even in the UK there are days when a little area of cool shade can be a welcome sanctuary from the midday sun.



In the UK we take this precious commodity for granted.  One, to which, not everyone has such easy access.  Water is life – All life on earth needs water and that includes the wildlife in our gardens.  It’s not difficult for us to help with that.



Fragrant plants may once have been used to disguise unpleasant aromas or merely been for food or shade.  Fragrance has the power to evoke even distant memories.

Food and medicine:


We are very much returning to a ‘growing our own’, culture and although not many of us are practicing herbalists, we are starting to relearn the power of plants.

Green spaces are good for the environment, helping to create clean air, reduce erosion and water run off.  They are good for wildlife and they are good for us.  Fresh air, exercise, vitamin D and a re-connection with nature is good for the mind, body and soul.

This is merely my simplistic view of why we need gardens but there is evidence to back it up.

Why I do what I do:

I enjoy helping my clients to make the best use of their valuable outdoor space.  I don’t just mean in monetary terms, although it’s been proven that a well designed garden does enhance the value of your property.  It also improves your quality of life.  Sounds grand but it’s true! Don’t just take my word for it.

Health, Happiness and Healing Gardens:

A detailed survey carried out over a period of five years by the University of Exeter Medical School found that Green spaces deliver lasting mental health benefits.

I have heard the phrase, ‘My garden is my savoir’, used on more than one occasion by gardeners.  Anyone who knows me well will know how true this is for me.

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Therapy through horticulture Thrive

In hospitals, hospices and other institutions Horticultural therapy and contact with the natural environment are believed to be beneficial to health.

Gardens can be created to stimulate all of our senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and even taste.  They can even influence our emotions by helping to encourage memories and they can be a source of physical stimulation and social interaction.


So this is ‘Why we need Green’.

Look out for my next blog on how to achieve it, in even the smallest of gardens.


If you could do with some inspiration to get the best out of your outside space, please get in touch 079870603953

or please share if you think I can help someone you know.



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